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February 9, 2012

Hello 2012!

Woohoo! It's 2012 already. I feel sad for my dead blog so I'm just gonna update it with a short post, with pics as usual. :D

Hello USA! Hello Purdue!

Neil Armstrong was from Purdue University :D
Boiler Up!

Engineering Fountain :D
Pao Hall. Haha.
Bought my Bugatti Veyron since it was so cheap over here in US :D

My collection of penguins! :D
Bought a 1D Mark IIn for fun :D

First real shoot in 2012. A product shot of Monster Beats Pro.
Ahh. I miss model shooting. I miss Malaysia. I miss my friends. I miss Malaysian food. I miss having my own car and being able to drive everyday. So many things that I miss. Oh well. Life goes on, whether I like it or not. Until next time, ciao. ;)

March 1, 2011


It's been 6 months since I've last updated my blog. :O

I was still bitching about exams and college 6 months ago, and I'm now working part time. Hmm...

Let's see. What has happened in the past 6 months?

Jeremy left for Canada :(

We went to Desa Park City for Merdeka countdown but was disappointed, THANKS KHAIYII. :x

Model Photoshoot #1 :D

Model Photoshoot #2 :D

Suited up for International Suit Up Day 2010!

Stole Bought Katy Perry for Khai Yii's birthday :D

Went for Footloose, The Musical by ISKL.

Went for a roadtrip to Penang...

then Genting! :D

Celebrated my birthday ;)

Fireworks for NYE at DPC :D

Said goodbye to some of my college friends :(

Ooh! Photoshoot #3! Yay!

And I went Old School :D

Celebrated Yi Rin's 19th :D

Went shopping at Pavillion...

Melaka for a day trip..

..then hanging out at Khai Yii's..

..onto Genting once again..

..and finally to KLIA.

So that pretty much sums up what I've been up to the past 6 months. Whoa that's a lot of photos. :D

August 5, 2010

Oh mai.


Since I'm so bored, Imma update my blog. :D

So... here are some random pics since my last update.

DCIM 2010! 

Me and Jeremy went to DCIM 2010 to visit our LYN friends who has their own booth and would be giving talks. You can see Vincent Pang's booth here :D

Mr Vincent Pang himself :D

Jeremy, Vincent and Me :D

Vincent giving his talk. (Y)

And, I got myself a new Crumpler bag today :D

This bag came with a huge plastic bag.

And inside this huge plastic bag is another huge bag.

And finally, inside that huge bag is this huge bag. 


I'm in a love-hate relationship with this bag. Love it cause it looks awesome, hate it cause its padding is too thick, causing a lot of wasted space. :/

Might post up a review soon, after I get more used to it. Until then, ciao! :)

May 14, 2010


Yes, my blog is dead. Who reads my blog anyways? :O

Anyway, since I'm bored, I shall update it with a short short post.

First, they make mugs, now Canon makes screen protectors! :O

It's actually a freebie from the magazine PhotoYou, which is endorsed by Canon. It's a magazine on photography by women for women. Why did I get it? For the screen protector of course :D

Haha. Don't blame me, I'm bored :D

(Shot with a 5D + 17-40L)

February 21, 2010

Goodbye, My Old Friend.

On the 14th of February 2010, which happens to be the first day of CNY and also Valentine's day, our dear friend Sang Haans left us to further his studies in Melbourne, Australia.

Sigh. One by one all of us will go our separate ways eventually, and Haans was the first to go. :(

Anyway, being the Chinese New Year, most of the family has already left for their hometowns, sans me and Sam. So we did what we should have done, by travelling down to KLIA to send Haans off. :)

Picture time!

@ Eden's Garden, Haans parent's treat. Awesome.

Hanzo and his parents :)

The 3 of us.

Calling friends for a last farewell.

Right before checking in.

And finally, what we got for Haans as his farewell gift. :D

Farewell Haans, we'll miss you.